Just like many companies, we first started out as a small operation designing websites and selling computer hardware parts. As our experience and knowledge grew, we expanded our services to include product labeling and graphic design.


Soon, demand for our services grew, and at the dawn of January 2008, Unixis was formed and we joined the professional ranks of the creative marketing industry.

Eager with excitement and bursting with fresh ideas, we at Unixis seek to cross the border of ordinary marketing and advertisements with intense graphic design and web development.



The retail and corporate market in Malaysia has expanded tremendously, creating a lot of demand for product marketing. With modern technology and communication, Malaysian businesses are no longer limited to one nation but are now able to extend their products and services overseas and participate in the global market. However, with thousands of companies offering similar goods, your business needs that little something to stand out from the rest.

Every business is aware of the importance of a distinctive product labeling. Your product label as well as packaging should be recognizable to potential customers and stand out above all other competition. It should also convey the essence of your business and objectives to your target market as well as incorporate all necessary information and logo artwork.

A well-thought out design is crucial to achieve this goal, and we at Unixis offer custom product labels and packaging solutions that will help your merchandise to penetrate the national and global market. It is amazing how a strategic product labeling can lead to a consistent demand of your goods as well as helps to expand your product market.

While product labeling is a vital element in portraying that all-important first impression, you can further complement it by using the marketing platform of the World Wide Web. Being the most used technology in world communication, the web is the best graphic and informative tool to present your goods to your consumers. Web marketing and website creation is not only low in cost of production and maintenance but also reduces time spent on product advertising.

The web also collects data that is critical in organizing your market trade and in understanding your target market, and the increase of security implementation on web transactions helps to avoid any SQL injection from hackers and other online threats.

The many advantages of product labeling and web construction are sure to expand your products and to reap in numerous benefits, and your starting point is right here with Unixis.


Our professional collective has expertise ranging from design to development. We combine this knowledge with proactive thinking and strategic planning to approach new challenges with your overall business objectives in mind. UNIXIS brings together a wealth of experience in both technology and organizational development that is critical in helping our customers achieve their goals and ensuring that your design project is planned and managed efficiently.

Thanks to a highly skilled and flexible team, UNIXIS continuously working on improving the quality of our services, but still looking to the market in order to develop new services which may interest our customers.

UNIXIS is a professional Art and design consultancy staffed by fully qualified designers and Artists offering a multitude of services to suit clients with varying needs in various disciplines.

Originating from different sectors of Art and Design industry with vast experiences, our consultants provide ad hoc art and Design solutions with international norms and quality because of their global exposure.

Our consultancy offers a comprehensive coordinated package for the development and management of new or existing Artworks, design and information redesign. With us you will be guaranteed of good investigative and analytical skills that will suit your needs in this dynamic world.

Our clientele and work is diverse, from small businesses to large corporations. We enjoy the challenges each client forwards us and cannot wait to tackle your business by the shoulders. Talk with us about your art and design challenges today – we know what you need.


  • We’re not like any other design Consultancy.
  • We’re completely upfront with our pricing.
  • You are in control at every stage of every project you work with us.
  • Our processes are constantly evolving with new industry standards.
  • Our team is welcoming, friendly and highly creative.
  • We talk in simple terms – not technical jargon.


Our dedication to construct detailed and custom graphic labels and web designs starts by communicating with you to understand  your objectives and products. We cater each project to meet  your  specific needs and goals in order to portray your product accurately, to set your  product apart from all competition and to target your market audience.


Evolving immensely and learning step by step, we will Continue to improve the quality of our service on innovation, professionalism, competence  and  commitment that has been managed by a team of experienced personnel who have been in the industry for many years.  Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why it is essential for us to do our utmost best for you.


Unixis offer customer a dedicated creative group to develop good quality product labeling and an experienced  operation staff  to construct an advanced  web design. Conceptualize by new interesting ideas with new technology and software, we ensure all design and information meet your requirements.